Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MySpace: Leading Resource for Mistress Photos

With the recent acquisitions of music-centric platforms Imeem and iLike, it's clear that MySpace is betting on music and entertainment to be its salvation. New MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta, formerly a top executive at Facebook, emphasized this focus in an October interview with The Financial Times, saying, “Facebook is not our competition. We’re very focused on a different space.” As MySpace shifts its business model, it should not overlook another potential revenue stream: serving as the go-to resource for news outlets seeking mistress photos.

While the Tiger Woods scandal turned from an affair into a harem this week, MySpace provided key photos of Woods' alleged lovers. The rapid revelations that Woods had been involved with a fourth, fifth, six, and seventh woman were manifested by images downloaded from the women's MySpace pages. Model Jamie Jungers, Manhattan clubgoer Cori Rist, and Perkins manager Mindy Lawton (or as The Daily News put it, "two more blonds and a brunette"), as well as porn star Holly Sampson, were brought to life in the media by smiling MySpace photos.

MySpace has also served as a key resource for other recent high-profile affairs. In March of 2008, as the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal unfolded, the MySpace page of Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupre (who was originally identified as "Kristen") received 9 million page views in the matter of a week and the page's photos became the focal point of the ongoing saga. Dupre actually used this traffic hit to her advantage, promoting a single on her page as she tried to transition into a pop music career.

The fall from grace of ESPN baseball analyst, and former New York Mets GM, Steve Phillips was also fueled by the MySpace page of his mistress. Brooke Hundley, the 22-year-old production assistant who slept with Phillips and then wrote a taunting letter to his wife, was introduced to the world through MySpace images of her posing with Star Wars impersonators and her dressed in a sexy bunny get-up, blowing a kiss.

Kidding aside, there may be a business in here somewhere--a Getty for well-lit photos of nobodies who may one day unexpectedly find themselves at the center of a major news story, whether it be as a celebrity mistress or as a lotto winner. Then again, MySpace photos are just so much fun.

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